We would like to cordially invite you to trainings at the Club Kendo Dragons

For people starting their adventure with kendo, please bring your sports outfit to the first meeting, 15 minutes before training. 
Before coming to your first training session, contact the trainer. 

 The first training session is free.

The monthly fee for training is 150 PLN

Please make the payment by bank transfer to the account: 

 Stowarzyszenie Klub Kendo Dragons 
 ul. Legnicka 65 54-206 Wrocław 
 44 1600 1462 1867 9349 6000 0001 

 by the 5th day of each month, payment in advance, giving in the transfer title: name, surname and month for which the fee is paid.

You can contact us via:

...or using traditional methods:

email:  juliangorski.wroclaw@gmail.com 
phone:  +48 517 413 573
Klub Kendo DRAGONS Wrocław

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